Codium fragile subsp. fragile

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Codium fragile subsp. fragile (Suringar) Hariot, 1889

The species originates from the Pacific Ocean (Japan) and has been spread to both hemispheres, mainly due to shipping (Carlton and Scanlon 1985). In Europe, it was first found on the Dutch coasts of the North Sea in 1900 (Silva 1955), and since then, it was introduced in the western Mediterranean through Gibraltar in 1940 (Meslin 1964). Today, it has been spread also in the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea, including the Turkish coasts (Gurner et al., 1985)

Tsiamis, K., Panayotidis, P. (2007). Occurrence of Codium fragile subsp. tomentosoides (van Goor) P.C. Silva (Chlorophyta: Bryopsidophyceae: Bryopsidales: Codiaceae) in Greece. Aquatic Invasions 2(1): 74-76

Records of Codium fragile subsp. fragile

Sites where Codium fragile subsp. fragile has been recorded in the Hellenic Seas.

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