Conomurex persicus

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Conomurex persicus (Swainson, 1821)

Shell biconical, with a moderately high spire and a large body whorl. Spire whorls with a definite keel, which is continued on the body whorl at a short distance from the suture. It has a whitish background, and brown markings organized to form unequal spiral bands. Its size ranges from 35 to 45mm. (50 mm, max.).

Verhecken, A. (1984). Strombus decorus raybaudii in de Middellandse Zee. Gloria Maris 23: 79-88

Records of Conomurex persicus

Sites where Conomurex persicus has been recorded in the Hellenic Seas.

© Tavantzopoulou, S. (ELNAIS)

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