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Portunus segnis (Forsskål, 1775)

Males have a dark olive green blue carapace marked with numerous pale white spots on especially towards the rear and along the sides. The females are similar to the males except that the tips of their legs are red with a brownish red tinge rather than being blue tinged with intense rusty red.

Corsini-Foka, M., Kondylatos, G., Economidis, PS (2004). Occurrence of the lessepsian species Portunus pelagicus (Crustacea) and Apogon pharaonis (Pisces) in the marine area of Rhodes Island. Mediterranean Marine Science 5(1): 5-17.

Records of Portunus segnis

Sites where Portunus segnis has been recorded in the Hellenic Seas.

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© Kondylatos, M. (HCMR)

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