Bonnemaisonia hamifera

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Bonnemaisonia hamifera Hariot, 1891

The species is included in the red algae family Bonnemaisoniaceae. Originally from the Pacific Ocean, it has been introduced into the northeastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, where it is considered invasive on European coasts. It exists in two phases which, at one time, were thought to be different species; a medium-sized feathery form attached to other seaweeds, and a small tufted form known as Trailliella.

Skoufas, G., Tsirika, A., (2003). Preliminary results of the epibiotic flora on Eunicella singularis (Gorgonacea) colonies from the north Aegean Sea. p. 244. In: Proceedings of the Second Mediterranean Symposium on Marine Vegetation, Athens, December 2003.

Records of Atherinomorus forsskali

Sites where Atherinomorus forsskali has been recorded in the Hellenic Sea.

©National Museums Northern Ireland (iNaturalist)
©National Museums Northern Ireland (iNaturalist)

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