Callinectes sapidus

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Callinectes sapidus Rathbun, 1896

Body almost twice as wide than long, ornamented with teeth in the front and two prominent lateral spines. Claws elongated. Two last segments of the fifth legs are flattened to paddles. Colour greyish, bluish to brownish green, with lighter coloured to pinkish tints.

Serbetis, C. (1959). Un nouveau crustace commestible en mer Egee Callinectes sapidus Rath. (Decapod brach.). General Fisheries Council for the Mediterranean (GFMC) Proceedings and Technical Papers 5: 505-507.

Records of Callinectes sapidus

Sites where Callinectes sapidus has been recorded in the Hellenic Sea.

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