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Chama pacifica Broderip, 1834

Shell large, solid strongly inequivalve with lower valve bigger and deeper than the upper. Outline irregular, generally suboval to subcircular.  Exterior white, red, orange or purple; interior white usually splashed with pale or deep rose, particularly round the margins. Sculpture of short spines more pronounced towards the margin where they are concentrically lamellate. More prominent spines on the left side of the valve. Internal margin encircled by a finely-crenulate-striate ridge. It grows its shell up to 70mm in height.

Karachle PK, Angelidis A, Apostolopoulos G, Ayas D, Ballesteros M, Bonnici C, Brodersen MM, Castriota L, Chalari N, Cottalorda JM, Crocetta F, Deidun A, Đođo AZ, Dogrammatzi A, Dulčić J, Fiorentino F, Gönülal O, Harmelin JG, Insacco G, Izquierdo-Gómez D, Izquierdo-Muñoz A, Joksimović A, Kavadas S, Malaquias MAE, Madrenas E, Massi D, Micarelli P, Minchin D, Önal U, Ovalis P, Poursanidis D, Siapatis A, Sperone E, Spinelli A, Stamouli C, Tiralongo F, Tunçer S, Yaglioglu D, Zava B, Zenetos A (2016) New Mediterranean Biodiversity Records (March 2016). Mediterranean Marine Science 17: 230-252

Records of Chama pacifica

Sites where Chama pacifica has been recorded in the Hellenic Seas.

© Xentidis (ELNAIS)
© Xentidis (ELNAIS)

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