Erugosquilla massavensis

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Erugosquilla massavensis (Kossmann, 1880)

As their common name suggests, it resembles a cross between a preying mantis and a shrimp. The species is easily distinguished from Squilla mantis due to the lack of the paired dark spots on the dorsal part of the telson. Colour light grey-orange dotted with very small dark spots.

Corsini, M., Margies, P., Kondylatos, G., Economidis, P.S., (2006). Three new exotic fish records from the SE Aegean Greek waters. Scientia Marina 70: 319-323.

Records of Erugosquilla massavensis

Sites where Erugosquilla massavensis has been recorded in the Hellenic Sea.

© Laking, A. (iNaturalist)
© Kalaentzis, K. (iNaturalist)

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