Sphyraena chrysotaenia

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Sphyraena chrysotaenia Klunzinger, 1884

Body very elongated, torpedo-shaped, typical of the barracudas. Colour brown grey dorsally, and silverey ventrally. A dusky band runs the body from snout through center of eye and above pectoral base to base of the tail. This band may show a yellowish tint on the head.

Corsini, M., Economidis, P.S. (1999). Distribution extension of two Lessepsian migrants found in the marine area of the island of Rhodes (Aegean Sea, Greece). Cybium 23(2): 195-199.

Records of Sphyraena chrysotaenia

Sites where Sphyraena chrysotaenia has been recorded in the Hellenic Seas.

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