Upeneus pori

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Upeneus pori Ben-Tuvia & Golani, 1989

Body elongated, with a rounded snout. Color greyish or red-brown, darker on the back, and covered with grey or reddish brown spots. There is a dark brown or red bar which runs vertically through the eye and the barbels located on the chin are white or yellow. Tail marked with a total of 11–15 bars with 4–6 reddish brown bars on the upper lobe and 6–9 red-brown or grey bars on the lower part of the lower lobe which extend to form a broad brown or dark grey stripe along middle of lobe. There are also 3–4 brownish-red or grey bars on inner, upper half of lower lobe.

Corsini, M., Margies, P., Kondilatos, G., Economidis, P.S. (2005). Lessepsian migration of fishes to the Aegean Sea: First record of Tylerius spinosissimus (Tetraodontidae) from the Mediterranean and six more fish records from Rhodes. Cybium 29: 347-354.

Records of Upeneus pori

Sites where Upeneus pori has been recorded in the Hellenic Seas.

© Margies, P. (FishBase)
© Randall, J.E. (FishBase)

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