Etrumeus golanii

Species memo

© Vagenas, G. (4ALIEN, HCMR)

Etrumeus golanii Di Battista, Randall & Bowen, 2012

Body streamline. Its characteristics resemble and seem likes a mixture of those of a sardine, round sardinella and anchovy. Colour iridescent blue-green dorsally on body, dark pigmentation, shading through bronze to silvery white on belly.

Kallianiotis A., & Lekkas V. (2005). First documented report on the Lessepsian migrant Etrumeus teres De Kay, 1842 (Pisces: Clupeidae) in the Greek Seas. Journal of Biological Research 4: 225-229.

© Karachle, P.K. (4ALIEN, HCMR)
© Vagenas, G. (4ALIEN, HCMR)

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