Lophocladia lallemandii

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Lophocladia lallemandii (Montagne) F.Schmitz, 1893

The species is described as a filamentous red algae which can reach up to 15 cm tall. In the marine environment the species usually appears as a bush of red, pink or whitish filaments intertwined with each other or with other algae.

Petersen, H.E. (1918). Algae (excl. calcareous algae). In: Schmidt J (ed.) Report on the Danish Oceanographical Expeditions 1908-1910 to the Mediterranean and adjacent seas. Vol. II. Biology. Vol. [Art.] K.3, Københaven, pp. 1-20

Records of Lophocladia lallemandii

Sites where Lophocladia lallemandii has been recorded in the Hellenic Seas.

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