Brachidontes pharaonis

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Brachidontes pharaonis (P. Fischer, 1870)

Brachidontes pharaonis is a small bivalve that grows its shell up to 40mm in length. The external surfaces of the shell are dark brownish black while the interior of the shell is purplish-black. The two halves of the shell are equal in size and similar in shape, being elongated and asymmetrical, with a dysodont hinge between the valves. It s attached to the substrate by thick byssus.

Tenekides, N.S. (1989). On a collection of shells from the Greek Seas. Protopapa Press, Athens, 187 pp (in Greek).

Records of Brachidontes pharaonis

Sites where Brachidontes pharaoinis has been recorded in the Hellenic Sea.

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